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Audi R8 3d model .3ds .lwo .max .obj
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Audi R8 3d model .3ds .lwo .max .obj
$ 84
Audi R8 3d model .3ds .lwo .max .obj .c4d .fbx
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Audi R8 3d model .3ds .lwo .max .obj .c4d .fbx
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Audi R8 3d model .3ds .lwo .max .obj .c4d .fbx
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Audi R8 3d model .3ds .lwo .max .obj .c4d .fbx
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Audi R8 3d model .3ds .lwo .max .obj .c4d .fbx .dxf
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AUDI R8 3d model .3ds .lwo .max .obj .c4d .fbx .dxf .3dm .xsi
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Audi R8 Black 3d model .3ds .lwo .max .obj .c4d .fbx .dxf .3dm .xsi
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Audi R8 Lemans 3d model .3ds .lwo .max .obj .c4d .fbx .dxf .3dm .xsi
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Audi R8 2013 3d model .3ds .lwo .max .obj .c4d .fbx .dxf .3dm .xsi .mb
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Audi R8 2007 3d model .3ds .lwo .max .obj .c4d .fbx .dxf .3dm .xsi .mb .ma
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AUDI R8 V10 3d model .3ds .lwo .max .obj .c4d .fbx .dxf .3dm .xsi .mb .ma
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Audi R8 Spyder 3d model .3ds .lwo .max .obj .c4d .fbx .dxf .3dm .xsi .mb .ma
$ 129
Audi R8 2013 3d model .3ds .lwo .max .obj .c4d .fbx .dxf .3dm .xsi .mb .ma
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Audi R8 3d model

Audi R8 3d model free Audi R8 3d model free Audi R8 3d model free Audi R8 3d model free Audi R8 3d model free

Audi R8 2008 3D Model


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does 123d make use??
1 month ago ⋅
@ian19973012 This product was made with blender. I have no idea about 123d.
4 weeks ago ⋅
whats the password
10 months ago ⋅
@nejmelking no password
9 months ago ⋅
do you prune a vw gol gl ? jaja thanks
10 months ago ⋅
Colour of The car while opening it on blender is black and white and colour of the tire is pink??????????
1 year ago ⋅
@dragonemperor Sorry this isn't completely comprehensive, but basically what I did was select it, then its material and reload the image texture (for the tyre) and that's basically just what I did whenever I saw an error like that (for the number plate I selected the front one). And I'm guessing the colour of the body is just to do with materials.
10 months ago ⋅
@dragonemperor I mean, I imagine now that you would have figured that out by now so my reply was pretty useless for you....but it might help others with the same issue hopefully! But probably not!...
10 months ago ⋅
1 year ago ⋅
Nice work!
1 year ago ⋅
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2 years ago
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