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Guitar 3d model .3ds .lwo .max .mb .obj .xsi
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Guitar 3d model .3ds .lwo .max .mb .obj .xsi .c4d .fbx
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E-Guitar 3d model .3ds .lwo .max .mb .obj .xsi .c4d .fbx
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Borg Guitar 3d model .3ds .lwo .max .mb .obj .xsi .c4d .fbx
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Acoustic Guitar 3d model .3ds .lwo .max .mb .obj .xsi .c4d .fbx .dxf
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Book Vray 3d model .3ds .lwo .max .mb .obj .xsi .c4d .fbx .dxf
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Guitar Amplifier 3d model .3ds .lwo .max .mb .obj .xsi .c4d .fbx .dxf .blend
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Acoustic Guitar 3d model .3ds .lwo .max .mb .obj .xsi .c4d .fbx .dxf .blend
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Guitar 01 3d model .3ds .lwo .max .mb .obj .xsi .c4d .fbx .dxf .blend
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Electric Guitar 3d model .3ds .lwo .max .mb .obj .xsi .c4d .fbx .dxf .blend
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Classic Guitar 3d model .3ds .lwo .max .mb .obj .xsi .c4d .fbx .dxf .blend
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SnowMan Vray 3d model .3ds .lwo .max .mb .obj .xsi .c4d .fbx .dxf .blend
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Electric Guitar - High Detailed 3d model .3ds .lwo .max .mb .obj .xsi .c4d .fbx .dxf .blend
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Guitar - Gibson LesPaul 3d model

Guitar - Gibson LesPaul 3d model free Guitar - Gibson LesPaul 3d model free Guitar - Gibson LesPaul 3d model free Guitar - Gibson LesPaul 3d model free Guitar - Gibson LesPaul 3d model free

Gibson Perfect Guitar 3D Model. Modeled with Cinema 4D.Vray illumination configured in 3ds max and finished in cinema 4d. Formats: .c4d(vray)-cinema 4d model/vray textures/vray illumination .c4d-cinema 4d model/cinema 4d illumination/cinema 4d textures .max-not include. .fbx-textures/model. .3ds-textures/model. Mode:Editable. Triangulated. Enjoy!

Created by Edson,


.3ds, .obj, .c4d, .fbx, .sldprt
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3 years ago ⋅
This is nice thank you very much, and congratulations for the model doing really well.

wink smile
5 years ago ⋅
Hello, I have a problem When S I open the file in question, I attached a screenshot of what I am doing.
After rendering, my image is all white, if you have a solution, thank you in advance.

Link :
5 years ago ⋅
@graph-attitude The project use Vray texture, made with Vray plugin:

Remove all vray textures, and add the normal textures(in guitar material group). happy

Or buy vrayforc4d plugin if want wacko
5 years ago ⋅
@graph-attitude I re-edit the model, download again
5 years ago ⋅
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5 years ago
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