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Joseph Stalin 3d model

Joseph Stalin 3d model free Joseph Stalin 3d model free

The USSR Leader No Textures Size: 10MB Includes Sculptris file and 4 obj's

Created by unknown,


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Good sculpt, but i hate mfcker... He commissioned his soldiers to kill thousands of polish soldiers, priests, scientists, teachers, etc.
but as I said.. very good sculpt ;p
5 years ago ⋅
@forrestpl I agree with you about him
Actually he's even worse then hitler
5 years ago ⋅
hello, i know this feels dumb to ask, but what program did u use to make, and open .obj files
5 years ago ⋅
Hello comrade! biggrin

It was made in sculptris,
i didn't make it, i just uploaded it.
obj can be open with 80-90% of 3d modeling software: 3Ds Max, Maya, C4D, zBrush, Modo and much more...
5 years ago ⋅
Пойдет biggrin
Made within USSR biggrin (зачет)
5 years ago ⋅
@venom2010 Спасибо за комент =)
Жаль без текстур и тела =(
5 years ago ⋅
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5 years ago
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    USSR :D
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