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M107 Barrett 3d model

M107 Barrett 3d model free M107 Barrett 3d model free

.50 Sniper rifle Scope not included! Download the scope here: *Rifle Scope* Can use attachments marked with "*" (for example *Scope* or *Silencer*) This model is NOT made by me

Created by DICE/EA,


.3ds, .max, .fbx, .sldprt
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Cool... Thanks :D
4 years ago ⋅
Ok, Thank You
4 years ago ⋅
You forgot the texture:


4 years ago ⋅
I havent forgot them
I just didnt include "un-needed" textures to reduse file size
4 years ago ⋅
@TBOY298 Yes You Can But Are You Using Unity3D ? biggrin
4 years ago ⋅
me yes
3 years ago ⋅
@anderme im using unity3d and ufps.
3 years ago ⋅
@ YsUp12
But do you think i can use this for my game anyways now? Yes or No? sad
4 years ago ⋅
If its a private project than Yes
If public, then im not sure about it
4 years ago ⋅
Very very nice model, searched for a good M82 model a very long time, now I got one. THANKS! smile
4 years ago ⋅
I cant answer you
Not my model :S
4 years ago ⋅
Hey can i use this for my Multiplayer FPS project?! HELLO!! angry cry
4 years ago ⋅
Can i use this for my game project? Its an fps cry
4 years ago ⋅
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4 years ago
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