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Optimus Prime & Megatron 3d model

Optimus Prime & Megatron 3d model free Optimus Prime & Megatron 3d model free Optimus Prime & Megatron 3d model free Optimus Prime & Megatron 3d model free Optimus Prime & Megatron 3d model free

Optimus and Megatron from TF3 Dark of the moon the game
Texture included
Size: 4.69MB


.obj, .lwo
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Anyway its still awesome :D
3 years ago ⋅
Ripped from a game as always -_- when will people do movies????
3 years ago ⋅
@agentbondman LOL What? Movies? Dude thats near to impossible because you cant extract a model from a video! :V there is no way to get movie models unless you have access to its database
3 years ago ⋅
great thanks for the upload

can you post more like devastator
4 years ago ⋅
is there any chance of you editing this so as that these 2 models or just optimus are like they appear in dark of the monn please.
4 years ago ⋅
Hey guys! Can anyone rig them please?
5 years ago ⋅
really great works man. thank you for share
5 years ago ⋅
Your welcome!
5 years ago ⋅
Cool! This model is a "Featured Model"
Thanks to all of you guys
5 years ago ⋅
looks awesome!
thanks smile
5 years ago ⋅
Your welcome!
5 years ago ⋅
Guys thanks for the comments and downloads, more models coming a bit later i got work to do now
5 years ago ⋅
sorry it worked olready

models look great
i use lightray
5 years ago ⋅
@STORMnl the uv maps are all packed. You just need to change the texture paths to relative. What application are you using them in?
5 years ago ⋅
youre models are great,,and now also in the good format,,
but they are not made like schockwave

you forgot the texture coords and texture links
i like to use these model in a different
so i need texture coords and texture links,,as you did by schockwave
5 years ago ⋅
can you make this model for 3ds max?
5 years ago ⋅
Its in OBJ 3ds Max can open OBJ
But if you mean 3DS or MAX then Im sorry but I cant
I dont use 3ds Max I use Modo 601
5 years ago ⋅
thank you very much
5 years ago ⋅
@stormnl Youre welcome dude!
5 years ago ⋅
avesome work biggrin
5 years ago ⋅
Thanks dude!
5 years ago ⋅
Whooops! Sorry guys i forgot to convert i was in a hurry
Ill Fix it
5 years ago ⋅
That file is for Luxology Modo, I think. Can anyone convert it?
5 years ago ⋅
can't open the lwo file,its a lxo file
kan you a obj file our a good lwo file

5 years ago ⋅
thanks for uploading
thy look very good

post more if you have,,like bumble bee
5 years ago ⋅
@stormnl Sorry i dont have any more of TransFormers
5 years ago ⋅
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5 years ago
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