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Whipper Lingerie 3d model

Whipper Lingerie 3d model free

Whipper Lingerie
Game: Queens Blade

*Include a few in-game animations*

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this model's Bodyline is nice form! But armature is incomplete structured,cause of that,it is difficult for pose it. .I wonder if this model could move correctly... I think you study seting armatures,then,your model can be better than now.
4 months ago ⋅
I downloaded this model and loaded it into blender. My goal is to put the model into T position. Howcome your models aren't in T position ready for animation with Mixamo autorigger. (free if you have an adobe id).
4 months ago ⋅
Very good, great job
5 months ago ⋅
Do you have any locomotion anims with this model such as walk cycles? The model is awesome! Well done!
10 months ago ⋅
Your models are stunning, You have a blog With your renders ?
2 years ago ⋅
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3 years ago
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