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Sci-fi Factory 3d model .c4d .fbx .max .mb
$ 10
Sci-fi locator 3d model .c4d .fbx .max .mb .3ds .obj
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Sci Fi City 3d model .c4d .fbx .max .mb .3ds .obj
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Sci-Fi Girl 3d model .c4d .fbx .max .mb .3ds .obj
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Sci-Fi Characters Pack 3d model .c4d .fbx .max .mb .3ds .obj
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Sci-fi Police 3d model .c4d .fbx .max .mb .3ds .obj
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Sci-Fi Tunnel 3d model .c4d .fbx .max .mb .3ds .obj .dae
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Sci-Fi Female Character 1 3d model .c4d .fbx .max .mb .3ds .obj .dae
$ 35
Sci-Fi Female Character 2 3d model .c4d .fbx .max .mb .3ds .obj .dae
$ 55
Sci Fi Motorcycle 3d model .c4d .fbx .max .mb .3ds .obj .dae
$ 35
Sci-Fi Male Character 1 3d model .c4d .fbx .max .mb .3ds .obj .dae
$ 90
Electric concept sports car 3d model .c4d .fbx .max .mb .3ds .obj .dae .dxf
$ 12
Sci-fi Building 1502 3d model .c4d .fbx .max .mb .3ds .obj .dae .dxf
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Sci Fi Building 1503 3d model .c4d .fbx .max .mb .3ds .obj .dae .dxf .stl
$ 17
Sci Fi Building 1504 3d model .c4d .fbx .max .mb .3ds .obj .dae .dxf .stl
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Sci-fi cars and buildings 3d model

Sci-fi cars and buildings 3d model free Sci-fi cars and buildings 3d model free Sci-fi cars and buildings 3d model free

This demonstration scene features several objects modeled with Wings3D and later processed with UVMapper Pro to fix some problems and, in the case of the buildings, add uv mapping data. The models were converted into POV-Ray mesh2 format with 3DWin. Note that the models are large meshes and that the whole scene uncompressed required more than 100 Mb of disc space.


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I couldnt find software to convert this ... but if you want to render the scene download povray (google it, its a free downlaod).. also copy rust_01.jpg to rust_02.jpg .. it renders nice even after 9 years
2 years ago ⋅
I love this site
4 years ago ⋅
is there any chance to get a c4d or obj version of this? or some help how to open on osx lion? cant find anything to open or convert it...
4 years ago ⋅
How, when i try it says c4d unknown file format? can you please help?
6 years ago ⋅
how would i go about turning these models back into C4D format?
7 years ago ⋅
you can open them in Cinema 4D and than save the project as .c4d happy
7 years ago ⋅
@silviuq12 with which c4d version did you open it? i cant with r13 or 14...
4 years ago ⋅
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7 years ago
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