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SPRUT-SD 3d model

SPRUT-SD 3d model free SPRUT-SD 3d model free

Russian light and highly mobile tank destroyer based on the BMD-3 chassis. 2 textures (camo, no camo)

Created by DICE/EA,


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Is this copyright
2 years ago ⋅
@task_force141 Yes, it is. You may use it for private use only
2 years ago ⋅
вроде написал
4 years ago ⋅
you have mi28n of BF3 with a textured sweep?
4 years ago ⋅
Напиши мне на email и я скину сылку
[email protected]
4 years ago ⋅
Who model source?
4 years ago ⋅
4 years ago ⋅
can you get the lav - 25 and the vodnik smile please.
4 years ago ⋅
How do i download? I really need a good 3d model for a movie I'm making smile
4 years ago ⋅
@lifeshaper There is a big blue button under the model info that says "Download"
4 years ago ⋅
nice new models,,keep them comming
4 years ago ⋅
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4 years ago
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